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4.1/4"x 4.1/4" X 1.1/8" Deep Shiny Square Silicone Molds for Epoxy Resin

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Let our deep square silicone molds ignite your imagination. Create clever designs or preserve your precious gems – the possibilities are endless.

  • Long-lasting and durable material so you can reuse the molds.
  • A smooth and glossy interior means your finished artwork will look shiny and polished.
  • Flexible non-stick silicone makes the removal of your finished work a breeze.
  • Thick walls and bottom help to prevent deformation during the pour.
  • Compatible with all of our epoxy resins and pigment powders so there are no limits to what you can create.
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Shape your epoxy resin designs into beautiful symmetrical squares with New Classic’s Deep Shiny Square Silicone Molds. Our non-stick molds are flexible and remarkably long-lasting, making them a perfect tool for epoxy artists across all skill levels.

What’s Included

Your purchase will include one 4.1/4"x 4.1/4" X 1.1/8" Deep Shiny Square Silicone Mold for Epoxy Resin.


  • Interior Dimension: 4.1/4"x 4.1/4" X 1.1/8"
  • Wall Thickness: ⅝” 
  • Interior finish: Shiny and glossy

The new Classic Round Silicone Molds are durable and easy to use. Pour the resin into the mold and carefully stir it in. You can squeeze out your resin masterpiece after it's thoroughly cured, carefully wash the mold, and store it flat in a cool, dry area.

While these molds are sturdy, direct heat or sharp instruments should be avoided since they could distort or harm the silicone.

Please note: we recommend using a non-silicone-based epoxy mold release spray before each pour to prolong the life of your New Classic Molds. This eliminates the need to twist and pull on the silicone to remove your finished fully-cured resin creations from the mold.


The new Classic Deep Silicone Molds are designed to aid artists in crafting and getting creative with our epoxy resin. Experiment with different circular crafts, including coasters, wall art, trays, and more.

Get inspired! Take a peek at some of our favourite customer designs.

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