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Your One-Stop Resin Shop New Classic has everything you need for your Epoxy Resin Project.

Engineered to be the clearest and non-yellowing Epoxy Resin on the market.

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Why New Classic Resin

Canadian Owned & Operated, New Classic Is Your Source For Quality Epoxy Resin Products At Affordable Prices.
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Client Reviews

Thousands of happy customers use New Classic for their creative projects.

I was super happy to find this company today! I had been searching everywhere for a local shop to get my epoxy resin, tints, and molds! Great price for 2 gallons of epoxy. They are much less expensive than where I used to buy it. Makes sense to me though because they are the manufacturer and not some middle man marking it up for a higher profit.

Evan B

Rony is fun to deal with, even though he is very busy he will stop and take the time to help you. Great epoxy products, quality and easy to use.

Mark J

I just have to compliment New classic resin company on their excellent shipping services. I ordered 2 gallons of resin late Sunday night, I got my shipment on Tuesday evening. This is the fastest I have seen a company ship something other than Amazon. Also the quality of Resin is top notch! I tried another Canadian company and wasn't as great, I nearly cried that I didnt have New classic. Perfect, 5 stars. Dont ever change New classic!

Marsha M

Great resin, great price and excellent customer service. Highly recommend purchasing from them and following their Instagram account.

LIssy D

First of all, I want to say Thank You for always providing me great customer service! I discovered them a month ago and since then I am a Loyal customer 😊 The quality of the resin is amazing. Very clear and no smell! Thanks Rony!

Ayumi B