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Greatest shop ever

Products are top notch and the staff are the greatest!!

Good stuff

Great epoxy!

Love to work with this product!

Compared to other resins that I have tried, I find New Classic does not have an odor, unlike the others.

My favourite

I like the consistency (a bit thicker) for what I use it for. Bubbles break up easily with a bit of heat. No issues with hardening. Will be buying again

Amazing mold!

I use this mold for 18” table top. It was amazing. It’s very thick, hold shape perfectly and it’s shiny all over. You can see the results on IG @alluredecoration

Good products and prices!

Silicone/ Foils

I love the silicone mold making supplies. Made a couple molds and I am happy with the product! Loving the foils as well.

Platinum Liquid Silicone 2 lb.

Very white and very black

Very Good paste, but a good chunk of it was stuck to the seal. It was very, very messy and I lost a bit. But once I got past that, it's great!

Great product

The long cure time allows for ample time to set up and use my pressure pot

Quick Cure Epoxy Resin 1 Gallon Kit

3 Tier Tray Mold with Gold Handle

Great as usual!

It was all I could swing but I can never have enough of this and it was gone by the end of the day. Lol

Not great not bad

Ive tried other brands this one not the best end result

I love this resin will always buy it
Thank you

Resin review

Love your products and love your customer service. Great prices and fast delivery.
Not a fan of your resin, but I may need to try it on another piece of artwork before I can truly say for sure... I prefer the drying time and hardness of a different resin.

Excellent mica powders

These are such great quality! They mix without blobs and dry beautifully.

Excellent resin!

I am a newbie and I really like this resin. I’m also really thankful for the instructions that come with the different resins. Thanks!

Deep Heart Silicone Mold

I am in love with my new heart mold. Worth every penny. If you want a good product, especially with molds, don’t go with the cheap ones, they’re not thick enough and are flimsy. My go to place for molds is definitely New Classic Resin from now on!!!

really good stuff

very nice to work with

My first pour.

It was quite the learning experience, but from what I've been reading, new classic's resin is the least bubble free resin on the market. I had no problem with bubbles in my project and I will do another with new classic.

Little resin with full of bubbles

I am not really satisfied with the quality after mixing it up. I have used blow torch to remove the bubbles but stubborn bubbles sitting at the bottom sticked to the surface makes it more translucent instead of transparent which ruined my art pieces.

Excellent resin

Produces clear, beautiful results!

Thick Poor Epoxy Resin

I love my New Classic Resin. There is little to no odour, no air bubbles, easy to mix up. It dries to a clear sparkling shine. New a classic Resin will definitely be my go to resin from now on!!!

Works great

Does what it says on the tin.