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I don't know how I did epoxy stirs without these!! They are my favourite tool.

Best resin company ever. Always fast shipping and great quality. I didn’t receive the resin I bought a couple weeks ago so I will be ordering a new one. I didn’t want to tell you guys and complain because I believe someone stole it from my door so that is not your fault at all. I will reorder soon. Thank you!

Good stuff

I haven't used it alot yet, but the couple of times I have it worked really well. The white was deep and you don't need much. I am would buy it again.


The inks worked well. They give you a nice transparent colour.

Great product

Nice colours and easy to mix in with the resin

Brian Maloney
Great mask

Product as advertised, works well, nice and light and very comfortable to wear. I recommend this product.

beautiful glitters

sooo beautiful, such a great price. so chameleon. love the whole set.

Family Silicone Mold

Great stuff

Im new at this but it would apear this 2" pour epoxy resin is very easy to work with and is very clear. Will see how long it last before it yellow's. The live edge river table I made will be going in our sunroom, this will be a great test.

Quality Table top art resin

I love that resin , it's stay clear, dry fast, and don't come yellow.
For me that is the perfect resin to use.

Artist Torch
Rada Daher

Artist Torch

Go To Epoxy Resin

I’ve been using the New Classic Resin for 2 years and it’s amazing for my products. The curing time is quick, the products come out super clear, working time is decent and is easy to work with.

Mica powder

Great rich colour

Love them
I just did the first coat in it 😀
Thank you so much

5 star thank you Rony


I love quick cure that's why I double stocked works wonder cures fast my art work is getting rave reviews because of new classic resin ..thank you so much..p.s delivery is speedy gonzales 🥰🤣👍🏻🙏❤️

Silicone measuring cups 5 x 100 ml

Awesome. Love these. Will buy more when needed

Susan Gillcash

I have this a 3 because I found it extremely hard to adjust the straps, and I found it very small fitting compared to other ones I’ve had. I used it maybe twice and than went back to my regular one.

The molds are sturdy and flexible.

Be careful not to fill each mold all the way to the top, or the screws on the supports will not be long enough to actually screw it together. I resolved my issue by counter-sinking with a drill on the bottoms.

Amazing product

Recently switched epoxy suppliers, and I was a little hesitant in “learning a new product” but the only regret I have is not switching to New Classic resin sooner.
Amazing product!!! Amazing customer service!!

Love this resin for creating ocean art it’s consistency is perfect.

Tabletop and Art Epoxy Resin 1 Gal Kit


Newclassic Resin has the best supplies

Black mica powder

I've used a few different mica powders with poor results. I finally tried new classic resin's mica powders and they are amazing. Rich, beautiful and easy to work with - they produce gorgeous results. Thanks!