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Tabletop & Art Epoxy

New classic resin was an easy to use epoxy that has given me zero issues when using. Products turn out perfect everytime.

The mica powder colour set is great. your packaging was very good it arrived safely. thankyou

Epoxy Resin

Great service, follow up and even the courier, UPS delivered directly to my door. I'd recommend this company to all.

Craft Lovers

If you love doing crafts that require Art Epoxy Resin, you will love this product. The People responsible for orders requests, the website and customer service are really great! They responded to my questions fast and fulfilled my order request and shipped my resin & products in a timely fashion. Thank you!
and requests very quickly.

Epoxy Resin 2 gal kit/white mica powder

I was extremely impressed with your service in helping me with the order and the care of UPS delivering to my door.

Easy to work and shine like diamond

I like very much

I love this stuff

I have used this resin consistently now for some time with different applications. I have used it for layering, coasters, flood coats and so far it has been amazing and a total life saver!

My first experience is conclusive

My first try, I researched on the web to buy the best resin and I found it. I am very satisfied and I will buy again. I had a question and they answered quickly, very good service and fast delivery.

I have been using this resin since 2 years. Never disappointed me

Quick cure resin

I love the new quick cure resin.. it doesn’t smell and cures completely in 4 hours.. also it doesn’t generate that many air bubbles. It’s ideal for professional level Artist as it has a working window of 10 to 15 minutes. I definitely recommend

Quick Cure Epoxy Resin 1 Gallon Kit

Highly recommended

Best product ever! Cures so fast and so easy to work with !

Quick Cure Epoxy Resin 2 Gallon Kit

Awesome floor resin - it looks grear

Great Deep pour epoxy

I use 2” thick pour epoxy a lot to preserve flowers. It is always great result. The resin is perfect for degassing and doesn’t burn fragile flowers. I love it!

Quick Cure Epoxy Resin 2 Gallon Kit

Silcone Stir Sticks x 2 pcs & Silicone Brush x 2 pcs

Fun stuff, good value

Wow, a dazzling array of colors! Awesome stuff. Fun tip: If you ve got a UV light on hand, this can be used to really charge these glow powders to the max quickly!

Very nice quality

Vivid, very nice

Great stuff, an impressive assortment of vivid colours for a fair price

Awesome Tools

Stir stick and brush are the best, been looking for something like this. So happy I found this seller. Thank you!

Tabletop and Art Epoxy Resin 2 Gallon Kit

Perfect resin!

I love this brand for their product and for their fast shipping and great customer service! Thank you again!

UV resin

I absolutely love this UV resin no strong smell, nice and shiny, cures hard and no sticky residue. My nr 1 Go to Thanks for a great product

Quick Cure Epoxy Resin

It's absolutely amazing no problem I have been able to do 1 pour on my Acrylic Paintings and have a perfect finish every time.
Thank you so much New Classic Resin I am telling everyone I know who uses Resin to go to you. Time saved, money saved and peace of mind Thank you